ABOUT  Dr. James C. Wilson

Who I am

I am a past practitioner of career technical education in a large urban school distict. I became


aware of how piecemeal career technical education was ineffective in preparing young people for


employment. I earned my Doctorate in Education at the University of Southern California and


managed career technical education programs in San Diego City Schools for thirty years.



Why I do this

I am angry at the ignorance both in the education field and in the political powers in America.


Seventy percent of American high school students will not graduate from college. This


supermajority of our youth are being abused by a system that makes no effort to provide an


appropriate education to enable them to survive after high school. I have written Disposable Youth:


Education or Incarceration? and this blog  in order to make peoplle aware of the need for career


technical education in high school and about the new intervention called a career academy.



What I can do for you

This blog is intended to make people think beyond today's high school organization. I believe that


when people understand that we don't have to accept the traditional high school organiztion, new


forms of high school will emerge all over America. There are good people all over the country


looking for a better method of providing a high school education for the supermajority of students.


The blogs provided here will provide a blueprint for changing America's high schools.